AMA Motocross Series Photographs
Mount Morris, Pennsylvania        High Point Raceway 
           Round 3 of 12                                 May 28, 2000    

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My special thanks to and Frank Gerace.


David Vuillemin
Kevin Windham

John Dowd

Larry Ward

Ricky Carmichael

Mike LaRocco

Greg Albertyn

Robbie Reynard

Tim Ferry

Ezra Lusk

Sebastien Tortelli
Shayne King

Keith Johnson on the Cannondale's first outdoor national event

Jason McDonald

Akira Narita

Ty Wallace


Kelly Smith

Tallon Vohland

Steve Lamson

Travis Pastrana

Robbie Skaggs

Brock Sellards

Ernesto Fonseca

Nathan Ramsey

Stephane Roncada 

Ryan Terlecki

Paul Carpenter

Nathan Ramsey

Danny Smith

Barry Carsten

Paul Currie

Anthony Amaradio

Robbie Horton

Tyler Evans

Jason Thomas

Chris Wheeler

Race Narrative:  To say that the weather was bad would be an understatement.  It rained most of the day before and the whole night, soaking the Pennsylvania dirt many inches in.  The dozers tried to turn up the soil between downpours, but there just wasn't any dry dirt underneath to grab.  This took quite a toll on the riders, and the challenge wasn't so much to race to win as it was to simply keep the bike on two wheels and not get hurt.  But, as the saying goes "The worst of times brings out the best in people."  Everyone was generally in a good mood and seemed to enjoy the race despite the rain and mud.

250cc - David Vuillemin really rocked the house.  His second moto win was almost a minute over the second place rider.  He lapped almost everyone, some three times.  Even getting into a first moto pile-up started by Tortelli, he managed to start from the back and finish 3rd  John Dowd also had a good day, placing first in Moto 1, but 5th in Moto 2.  Kevin Windham was very consistent, placing second in both motos.  Of note, Cannondale was in their first national event at Mt. Morris, and they were impressive.  Their bike was definitely the loudest, and even with a new rider they were able to make the show.  The first moto even put the Cannondale in the top 3 until the rider made some mistakes.

125cc - KTM makes their first win with Kelly Smith winning the overall with a 1/4.  Nick Wey did well, but Tallon Vohland was definitely the fastest.  First place was his, had he not gone down in the first moto (see pictures.)  Steve Lamson showed some good speed and consistency, which yielded him a fourth place finish. 

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