25th Anniversary of the High Point National Event

AMA Motocross Series

Mount Morris, Pennsylvania        High Point Raceway 
           Round 3 of 12                                 May 27, 2001

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My special thanks to Frank Gerace and Supercross.com.

  Moto 1 at line     Carmichael and Vuillemin at the start of Moto2
  David Vuillemin

Kevin Windham

Ricky Carmichael
Sebastien Tortelli
Tim Ferry
Mike LaRocco
Stephane Roncada 
  Robbie Reynard
  John Dowd
Ezra Lusk
Ryan Hughes/CRF450R
Paul Carpenter
Kyle Lewis
Jean-Sebastien Roy


Travis Pastrana passing Akira Narita during Moto 1 Travis Pastrana
Grant Langston
Rodrig Thain
  Mike Brown
Akira Narita
John Dowd
Brock Sellards
Bobby Bonds
  Ernesto Fonseca
Larry Ward
Danny Smith
Branden Jesseman
Nick Wey
Scott Sheak
  Barry Carsten (and son)

Davey Coombs
Jeff Stanton

Race Narrative:  It was yet another rainy day at High Point Raceway.  A nice surprise was that the rain let up shortly before the first moto and held off the rest of the day.  The track crew bulldozed the track down to somewhat dry ground in many places which made racing much better than during the qualifiers.

The World Motocross circuit has dropped to one moto per class.  Imagine how differently this race would have turned out if the American races followed suit.  I, for one, hope that never happens.

The 250cc class saw David Vuillemin wining his second High Point race in as many years.  Ironically, he didn't win a race between the two events.  He's obviously very good in mud races along with his French counterpart, Sebastien Tortelli.  His first moto was a 4th place finish and he won the second moto to win the overall.  Kevin Windham seemed like he went back in time to his 125cc days, as he was really flying.  It was very good to see.  Had he not gone down and lost a position during the second moto, he would have won the overall.  Sebastien Tortelli wrapped up the podium with Tim Ferry just missing.  Ricky Carmichael had a bad first moto wreck.  Check out some of the pictures, and you'll see that he doesn't have a left sleeve on his forearm in some of them.  Ricky came back strong to win the second moto, but finishing 13th in the first had him end the day at fifth overall.

The 125cc race was very interesting.  A twist was Akira Narita taking the lead in both motos and almost winning the first.  He hurt his wrist and did not finish moto 2.  He would have been the first Japanese rider in decades (if ever) to win an American National Pro event.  His switch from a 250cc to 125cc this year seems to be a smart one.  Travis Pastrana enjoyed a sno-cone so much after the first moto that his mechanic put it on his pit board near the end of the second moto as a reward of sorts.  Check out the picture and see the size of that sno-cone!  I had hoped to see Bobby Bonds do better considering his point standing coming into this event.  Ernesto Fonseca had bike problems again and did not finish moto 2 after having a great first moto.

One cool addition to the facilities was a Cable Cam.  It's a camera that is suspended by 2 cables attached to telephone poles on either side of the track plus a third to shuttle the camera to and fro.  After watching it on ABC Sports, it worked very well.

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