High Point Pro National Motocross Event

AMA Motocross Series

Mount Morris, Pennsylvania        High Point Raceway 
Round 3 of 12                                  May 26, 2002

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My special thanks to Frank Gerace and the National Promoters Group for allowing us to cover this event.

    Ricky Carmichael
Sebastian Tortelli
  Ezra "Yogi" Lusk
John Dowd
David Vuillemin
 Tim Ferry
 Robbie Reynard
Sean Hamblin (#99)
   Stephane Roncada
Mike LaRocco (didn't race at this event)

- Moto 1, first turn
James "Bubba" Stewart
Chad Reed
  Mike Brown
Branden Jesseman
Ernesto Fonseca
  Eric Sorby

Rodrig Thain
 Larry Ward
Bobby Bonds
Buddy Antunez
Michael Byrne
Casey Johnson
Andrew Short

Non-racer pictures
Ricky Johnson (ok, "Former Racer" picture.)  He was attending his first National event in 10 years.
   What the track looks like without being flooded.  
Trophy Girl
  Simon Cudby

Race Narrative: 

Ricky Carmichael and Chad Reed both go 1-1 for the day.

250: Ricky Carmichael won both motos today. He has won all six motos in the series - perfection! Is there any question that he is the most dominant rider in the world today? His Honda team-mate Sebastien Tortelli finished runner-up in both motos, and is now second in the point standings. Ezra Lusk finished third in both motos, with Robbie Reynard surprising many with fourth in each moto.

NOTES: Average lap times on the day were 2 minutes 20 seconds. Average moto was 15 laps, and 36 minutes in total time. Travis Pastrana out with broken wrist from last weekend's event. Nate Ramsey, Mike LaRocco and Kevin Windham are still not racing. Sean Hamblin is officially with Team Suzuki. Tim Ferry was limping noticeably.

125: Chad Reed dominated both 125 motos, and is the new points leader. Local favorite Branden Jesseman finished second overall with finishes of fifth and second. Third overall went to Eric Sorby via 6/3.

James Stewart crashed Saturday and injured his knee. It was questionable if he was going to race at all. He will need to have an MRI to know fully what's happening with his knee. His knee was hyper-extended, and has a lot of bruising, but there seems to be no structural damage.  James rode a very smart first moto, finishing fourth with the injury.  He arrived within about 30 minutes of the first moto, but was still in obvious pain at the starting line.

In the second moto, Stewart's motor started smoking (steaming) on the second lap. Water was leaking from his radiator. The hot water was splashing up in his face, and burning his body. Later in the race the motor locked up and seized. James coasted off the track. He was still in good spirits, talking and smiling with his many fans.  It wasn't a pleasant walk back to the trailer for him with his freshly injured knee.

NOTES: Grant Langston did not race. He is having his knee operated on. KTM only had one rider on hand for their 125 effort, Steve Boniface. Defending National Champion Mike Brown was in contention all day. He fell in the second moto, twisted a knee, and was carried off the track then carted away.

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