1997 AMA National Motocross Series Photographs
Steel City
Delmont, Pennsylvania

This was the first year I enjoyed the privileges of a Press Pass, thanks to Supercross Online and Davey Coombs. It makes a world of difference! I was using my brand new Canon A2 camera and Fuji SuperG 800 film.

Update December 18, 2003 - I've gone back and rescanned the pictures using the a film scanner, plus added a bunch of ones not shown before.  The old scans were from a flatbed scanner.  The difference was unbelievable.  So, here are some "old school" pictures with modern equipment and 6 years more experience.  Scroll down to the bottom to see the before and after picture of Jeremy McGrath.  FYI, in 2004, we'll be shooting 100% digital.

Click on any of the pictures below to see the 1024x768 version...

250cc Class

Multiple rider action stuff:

Jeff Emig
Greg Albertyn
The legendary Jeremy "Showtime" McGrath
Mike LaRocco
 Ryan Hughes
Doug Henry
Ezra Lusk
John Dowd
Larry Ward
Michael Craig (it's amazing he finished the race, let alone hit the podium. He almost ALWAYS DNF'd.)

125cc Class

     Multiple rider action stuff:
    Ricky Carmichael

  This picture is my all-time favorite picture of Ricky, but I haven't yet found the negative to be able to rescan it.


     Kevin Windham (the last one, I haven't found the negative for to rescan)
Charlie Bogard practicing his starts.
Casey Johnson thought Charlie had a good idea. Think I'll practice, too.
 Damon Huffman
Steve Lamso
Ronnie Tichenor

Trophy Presentation and celebration:

Miscellaneous Pictures:

      A RacerX girl and the State Constable that was at every Steel City race for many years.  He's the guy who was in charge of kicking everyone out of the pits at noon.


Here's a look at old technology vs. new, as far as scanning goes:

UMax 1220P flatbed scanner, scanning a 5x7 print: 

Nikon CoolScan LS-40 film scanner:

All photographs are copyright of Ed Ellks.  No reproduction, publication, or other copying for any purpose is permitted without written consent.