1999 AMA Motocross Series Photographs
Steel City Raceway       Delmont, Pennsylvania
Round 12 of 12                           September 5, 1999

Photographs by Ed Ellks of MXPics.com

Click on any of the images below to get the large version.  Riders are listed by their 1999 ranking in their respective classes.

250cc Class

Race Narrative: Greg Albertyn and Ricky Carmichael must really like the Pennsylvania tracks, as they mirrored their Mount Morris results of 1/1.  Plus, they both walked away with #1 plates for next year's Motocross season.  Kevin Windham now carries his well deserved #2 plate, as does Tallon Vohland.   Doug Henry retired after this race, the same day he turned 30 years old.  Lusk seemed upset about something, probably related to contract negotiations.    LaRocco also seemed to be in a bad mood, but he resigned his Jack in the Box contract for next year and gave me a smile for the picture below.  Jeff Emig was still considering his options after he was suddenly released from his factory Kawasaki ride, but seemed happy to be in the pits at Steel City.  Jeremy McGrath didn't ride Steel City this year.

      Doug Henry

  Mike LaRocco

        Ezra Lusk

    John Dowd

        Larry Ward

            Greg Albertyn

Jeff Emig

      Kevin Windham

  Tim Ferry

Steve Lamson

Heath Voss

Damon Huffman

Danny Smith

Mike Katin

Moto 1 start, second turn

   Moto 2 leaders

Here's a picture of "Mad" Mike Jones.   He told of his recent crash here at Steel City a couple of weeks earlier.  He said that he was coming off a big jump and his YZ400 stalled in air, bringing the front end down radically.  He landed face first and his bike hit him in the back about 4 or 5 times.  He's now in a plastic body brace and metal staples were holding a 9" incision together on his neck and upper back.  Nasty!!

125cc Class

Ricky this, Ricky that.  He won again, but you probably already assumed that.  I did get to talk with his mom, though.  She seemed concerned about his attitude, but what can be expected from a kid robbed of his childhood and thrust into the limelight?  Husquavarna tried to give Ricky a challenge, but Chiodi biffed in the first moto, tumbled head over heels a few times, and was out for the day.  For what it's worth, he had a lot of trouble qualifying on the Husky and had to qualify through the LCQ.

I didn't bother taking any more pictures of Ricky.   I've got too many already.

  Casey Johnson

  Stephane Roncada

Nick Wey

      Brock Sellards (including his Moto2 DNF)

David Pingree

      Tallon Vohland

Start of Moto 2, with David "Ping" Pingree out in front.

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