AMA Motocross Series Photographs
Delmont, Pennsylvania         Steel City Raceway
           Round 3 of 12                        September 3, 2000    

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My special thanks to Racer X, the Coombs family, and Frank Gerace of Gerace Communications.

Race action

        Ricky Carmichael
  Mike LaRocco
    Sebastien Tortelli

      David Vuillemin
Greg Albertyn

 Robbie Reynard and Kevin Windham

    Kevin Windham

      Robbie Reynard

    Larry Ward

   John Dowd

 Kyle Lewis

  Damon Huffman

  Shane King

Jason Thomas




Roncada and Pastrana before moto 2
Travis Pastrana
  Stephane Roncada
  Ernesto Fonseca

  Tallon Vohland

     Branden Jesseman

Nathan Ramsey

Race Narrative:  The weekend was the hottest all summer for Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Temperatures were about 90 degrees with over 90% humidity.

250cc - David Vuillemin led the first few laps of each moto but faded rather quickly.  During post-race interviews, he said that he "was tired, and I don't know why."  The first moto found Ricky Carmichael well back in the pack which made for an interesting charge.  He was FLYING!  I can't remember seeing anyone go that fast at Steel City.  Tortelli had too much of a lead in moto 1 for Ricky to reel him in, but moto 2 was a different story.  Mike LaRocco was the big topic of conversation in moto 2, as he closed up a big gap and only finished about 50 feet behind Ricky.  Had he passed Ricky, he would have been the overall winner on the day, something that hasn't happened at Steel City since his Kawasaki days.  This was Greg Albertyn's final race.  He went out with a bang (more like a crash.)  He tumbled pretty hard in moto 1 and called it a day.

125cc - Travis Pastrana, the crowd favorite, came into the race 6 points behind Roncada and walked away with the 125cc Motocross championship.  Roncada finished the season just 2 points behind.  Roncada was smoother and faster in smaller jumps and turns, but Travis just ripped everywhere else.  Needless to say, the freestyle motocrosser put on a great post-race show for the fans with a ton of different tricks over just about anything that looked like a jump.  The surprise was how well Branden Jesseman has been doing.  The last few races have found him consistently in the top 5.  He mentioned that he'll "probably" be riding Honda next year.

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